The Summer of Gains

Heat ! Tan! Cold cuts! Ice cream!

Sounds like summer is here, I guess all of your beach bodies are ready. Huh!? The sweat you burned in the gym whole winter, it’s time to flaunt it off.


With that said, here I am with another refreshing and nutritious read for summer.

During Summer no doubt there is a lot of sweat and humidity around and maybe cause of that some of us don’t feel like training. Of course! Stepping out feels like stepping in an oven. Let’s get on with some ways to beat all that summer heat.

  • Have a jump start with the breakfast


The summer is not going to go easy on you, so you better fuel yourself up with a heavy protein breakfast with fibre to jump start your metabolism. Also skipping your breakfast will lead to faster dehydration, heat overexposure or fainting. So make sure your plate is full of protein and fibres in the morning to counter the heat this summer.

  • Wanna keep your gains for long?


Hell yeah, but don’t you want to take extra care of them in summer? Of course, you do! The term we are talking here is called ‘Hydration’. Recent research has shown that hydration can help you retain your hard-earned gains. So have some juice, mix up the milk or just drink the plain old water but do not indulge in alcohol or beverages, they’ll only steal water from your body. Keep the water, keep the gains.

  • Load up the fruit train


Fruits are the best way in summer for some refreshment and act as powerful antioxidants. Strawberries act as a good antioxidant and are loaded with Vitamin C so does Kiwi which also has Vitamin K and helps to improve sleep quality at night. Then comes the Watermelon, the big giant fruit with an awful lot amount of water and have citrulline which is used in pre-workout supplements. Go ahead, grab a slice or a full watermelon (if you can).

  • Are BCAAs enough this summer?


Branched Amino Acids are perfect for pre or intra workout. 6-10 gm pre-workout can help you hit the iron with enough intensity to stimulate muscle growth. It will also help you to recover faster and help you get back to the gym soon. As far as I think, BCAAs are a must in summer for better workouts and leucine helps in protein synthesis which in return helps promote muscle growth and better recovery.

Summer is really an awesome season so it’s better you all enjoy it in a healthy way and keep yourself fit all time. Keep the alcohol on the low and water content up. Don’t over intoxicate yourself, go to the gym,  have your protein and build the best you this summer.

I hope this post would help you this summer and I would love to read your opinions down below in comment section.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!

Abhishek Dhiman


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