Understanding Gym in a better way


Hello! Hello! Hello! Everybody! Hope you all are doing great. So today we are going to discuss the gym. Yes, gym! The place we all go but connect very little to. I know it takes your stress away and helps you build a better self or lose that fat.


What is the gym?

In this post, I am gonna talk about the gym and a whole lot of equipment’s from hand straps and dumbbells to bench press and squat machine. Pretty interesting right?!  So with that, we’ll also discuss the following:

  • Warming up for gym
  • Gym etiquettes
  • Stretching and Rest period

Warming up for gym


No matter if you’re an early-to-rise morning person or a hardworking evening person. Warming up before the gym is one the most crucial activity. Many of us skip it time to time but without proper warm up you would end up with torn muscles or some serious nerve pulls.

Keep a 5-20 minutes warm up routine before going on to your actual workout.

Gym Etiquettes


A gym is a good place for all of us but there are some ground rules everyone should know and follow:

Respect the dumbbells and equipment

They help you build a stronger you, don’t go on dropping them anywhere in the gym and create mini-earthquakes. You use the dumbbells, you rerack them. Same with the medicine ball, yoga mats and kettle dumbbells. Act like it’s your own equipment. You have to respect anything that helps you grow. No excuses.

Keep it cool

While some gyms might be okay with screaming but some are not. So check your surroundings before you test your roar strength. Make sure you don’t sound like someone electrified your barbell every time you lift it. Do not disturb others while you let your beast out. Weight training is exorcizing but don’t get crazy.

Ask before you use

There are times when there aren’t enough toys for everyone so ask someone to share the machine when you don’t have one. Do not go and pounce someone’s machine when they take a break or catch a breath. Instead ask politely, “Are you still using this ?” or you could ask if you could share with them. Humbleness never loses its charm.

Stretching and Rest period


One of the key rules to an intense and effective workout is to stretch between exercises. Even between sets. That’s gonna help reduce the muscle pull.  It is very essential to stretch, do not take it lightly. Rest period between sets compared to between exercises: is shorter. Keep yourself moving between the sets and catch your breath, do not sit down. After the workout, make sure your cool down your body with a brief 5-10 minutes walk or cycling before you head out.

Now, do we really understand what gym means?

I mean not in literal definition but in a way gym is the place where bars are not only rods of iron, they are the pillars of strength and many other types of equipment serve different roles. Let’s see a few of them:

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Battle Rope
  3. Wrist straps
  4. Squat Rack
  5. Bench Press Machine

Dumbbells: Yeah, those 2 small plates joined through a small iron rod. Dumbbells are probably the most movable thing in the gym. The brilliance about dumbbells is that it allows you to experiment almost any type of exercises. Dumbbells should be used according to one’s body threshold, any more than that you’ll end up hurting yourself (badly).


Tip: Don’t be a jerk and try posing with heavy dumbbells. They are not props!

Battle Rope: The love of cross fitters, The Battle rope is 50 feet long gives you 25 feet in each arm to alternately raise and lower your arms at rapid speed. You can make waves or slam them towards the ground. Your pick! It mainly targets your upper body and back. Keep up from 1 to 20 minutes to feel the burn.


Wrist straps: Before anyone of you skips this past and say wrist straps are for ‘weak’. Read this. Jason Ferrugia once wrote, “No straps, no traps.” No doubt, the truth has been spoken but not only wearing straps can help increase strength and muscle gain. It also helps in targeting the fatigued muscle and avoid losing the grip.


Squat Rack: The most important equipment of the gym. No kidding! It’s where you leave the pain down and rise up stronger. The only rule of squatting is, your knees do not exceed your toes when you go down and you never go light weight on a squat rack/Power Cage. It is designed to be a mechanical spotter.


Bench Press Machine:  The most essential and most loved machine of the gym. It has 3 types: Incline Bench press, Decline Bench press and Normal Bench Press. It mainly targets the chest and helps you build a more sturdy, bulky upper body.

benchready1 (1).jpg

Tip: Master the Squats, Bench press, and Deadlift to increase your strength and muscle.

Hope you guys found it an informative post and leave your comments down below.

Stay Hungry, Stay Proud, Stay Fit and Stay safe.

Abhishek Dhiman


2 thoughts on “Understanding Gym in a better way

  1. good post bro..well said about the gym ,machines and etiquettes..warming up needed?..ok. got it! Keep it up and post on regular basis😇✌


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