How important are meals and hydration?

Holla everyone ! I apologize for not being active but here I am back with a nutritious post. Without further ado coming back to nutrition, we talked in the first post about: Diet, Nutrition and Myths. Let’s talk about meals and how they are important in order to maintain and grow your muscles.

Hunger and meals


We normally eat only when we are hungry right?

Of course we do but you know what, hunger is a tricky little thing. We only eat when we are hungry and when are we hungry?  When we have already digested our food and there is nothing in the stomach and the walls of stomach start contracting. But eating only when your stomach is empty will help you grow muscles?

NO !

The thing is you’ll start to feel low on energy and simultaneously your metabolism will slow down.

For a fit body you need to schedule your meals for the day so that you know what meal you gonna have and you don’t slip into any unnecessary food cravings.



Water, water and guess what? Water!

I mentioned in my earlier posts too about how hydration is essential for muscle improvement. Water helps the nutrients to flow. Hydration is very important for your muscles and helps you grow muscles.You need water in your muscles to flex them. A 2% drop in body water can cause a small but critical shrinkage of the brain, which can decrease concentration, and slow thinking The more you are dehydrated the more there is a chance of cramps or you might feel dizziness because of it. So its very important keep the water content up.

You see that water bottle in your kitchen, yeah that’s your new best friend. Fill it up and drink it!

hydration (water bottle)

Fruits & Veggies


No matter how much we don’t like beans, broccoli, lettuce or any green vegetable, we still need them in our meals and diet. The best part of Veggies is that they are low in calories and high in fiber plus they are a great source of Vitamin C; helps keeping gum healthy and heals wounds and cuts faster and Vitamin A; Protects against infections and is good for skin and eyes.


Fruits on the other hand are tasty and handy. They are filled with potassium, Vitamin  C and Folate(folic acid). Folic acid helps the body makes Red blood cells.

Being rich in fibre, eating veggies and fruits help you feel full with fewer calories.Except just being good for health, they taste a lot better and is always a healthy snack. Now that’s just awesome! Go grab that apple and take a bite !

Well you know the real facts now. Try to keep your plate colourful now and make sure there is a lot of green colour.

Proper Meal prepping


So with big food, comes the big responsibility!hah!

Meal prepping !!!!

The Not-so-fond-to-do-but-have-to-do work *gasp*. But as much as you hate it, it’s the best and most important part of the day if you want to build a better body. Taking an hour or two at the start of the day to prep meals for the rest of day will give you peace of mind and plus you can set a specific time for each meal. That way the body will get proper nutrition to maintain and grow muscles.

It’s very important to prep and set your meals for the day cause the more you are conscious about the meals, the less the mind will wander into useless cravings and the better the body will grow.

Always remember best bodies are made in the kitchen !

So with this we come to end of another post and I hope you found it useful.

Remember eat-hydrate-repeat!

I will be back with a new post till then Stay Fit, Stay healthy !

Abhishek Dhiman


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