Turning from Born Idle to Body Idol

Greetings fit peeps! First of all I would like to take a moment to thank you for the great support of Bodyfuel’s last post 6 ways to stay pumped throughout the gym.

So many of you guys who have been on the road to fitness, you all probably turned from Born idle to Body idol by now and that’s great. That is truly awesome to get up, step out of your comfort zone and build a better you. Today we’ll discuss the little troubles you face while you are turning yourself into a better version of yourself and how to cope up with them.

  1. Managing ups and lows:


There are gonna be a lot of times when you don’t feel like going to the gym or that big cheeseburger looks more lucrative than the perfect body or you just don’t feel good enough to go the gym or having some vodka shots on a Saturday night feels better than squats. That is okay!  Everybody has their low times because not every day you can have the same level of motivation that’s why it’s important to take yourself out and have some fun or treat yourself with a piece of cake. You need to reward yourself occasionally . So indulging yourself in some outdoor activities or your favorite meal will help you in your low times.

  1. Protein Scarcity

Protien-no protien.jpg

Most of us need Protein every day to fuel our muscles and we all try to reach our protein target every day but there are gonna be times when you run out of your last scoop of Protein. Don’t feel demotivated or bad for yourself; crank up your natural diet a bit. Increase the number of eggs, broccoli, chicken breast to meet your daily protein requirement. Don’t stay completely dependent on the jars, always focus more on you nutrition and natural diet.

3. The day when you missed the gym 


There are always some kind of emergency, family trouble or overtime at work, which cannot be averted and in that case, you might miss your gym for a day or two but always remember there are things which need more attention than your body. So never feel bad about missing your gym sessions for these situations or emergencies.Try and workout at home on these days and come back the next day and hit the gym twice as hard!

4.Cheat day

cheat day.jpg

Let’s admit, all of us want that big pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and toppings or a big soda with a Whopper Burger at Burger King or a big bag of chips. It’s natural when you are working on yourself every day there will be some moments when you want to replace a bowl of salad with macaroni and cheese.

Do it!

But only for a day that’s all. Set a particular day for your cravings and do not exceed that day. That way you’ll be to curb your cravings and feel satisfied.

5.Personal training Vs Normal training

PT vs Normal Traning.jpg

So a common misconception about people having P.T.(Personal Training) are better than people doing normal training. Not everybody wants to be Mr. Olympia, some people come to the gym to bust their stress away, feel good about themselves or build a better body. It is not mandatory to take P.T. to bust your stress. It all depends on your goal and how passionate you are about it. So normal training is as good as personal training itself. Never compare these two!

6.Fitness as a lifestyle


It all comes to the point, how bad do you want it!? Dedication, discipline, willpower, diet and sacrifice. No matter where you are, start now! Transform your lifestyle! Be dedicated towards yourself and your body. Do not let fitness be just an activity, make it your lifestyle.  Rise up every day with a goal in mind to be better than the person you were last night. Commit to it.

I hope this post will help you manage your troubles which you all might face and for anything else if I missed, don’t forget to comment or mail me if you want. I will be back with a brand new post soon. Stay motivated, Stay true to yourself and grow every day!

Abhishek Dhiman


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