6 ways to keep you pumped up throughout the gym!


You ever walk into gym and feel like, damn I don’t feel good today and then your whole workout feels like a waste of time? Yes!? Relax before you go on doubting yourself, tell yourself it’s okay and happens to the best of us. Even me too. There are days when I walk into gym and the motivation level is at its lowest. Don’t worry I got some tricks to help you pump up that motivation level.

1.Having a cup of coffee before hitting gym will improve your focus. Caffeine is said to be the best pre-workout and maintain the attentiveness throughout the session and will keep your muscles pumped.


2.Hydration is not to be taken lightly here. It is one the most important key when it comes to getting pumped. Keep yourself hydrated whole day because muscles will only reach at their peak when you are hydrated. Dehydration causes muscle pulls and to avoid that drink at least a gallon of water everyday.


3.Motivation and Music are also considered to improve your gym performance. During the workout surround yourself with some extra cheering from your gym mates or listen to your favorite songs. It will help you stay motivated throughout the set/exercise/workout and will help you do that last rep.


4.Pre-workout meals are one the most important meals of the day.Never ever skip your meals pre workout meal. Those low carbs meals are the fuel to your workout. Skipping it would make you feel less focused and sore. Some of the best delicious pre-workout meals are Peanut butter sandwiches, oats, boiled eggs, yogurt etcetera.


5.A quick power tip : While performing pulling and pushing exercises when you squeeze on to that rep hold it for a second. And while doing that decrease your tempo, that way the muscle that is being targeted get more stressed and you achieve a greater pump. Remember hold it and then bring it down slow!


6.Finally drop sets are the way to go if you want to maximise your pump at the end of your gym session. This is one the most effective technique out there. So what you wanna do is on your final set, reach your max rep failure and then immediately decrease the weight do till muscle failure again.


So there are some awesome tips to get you pumped in your gym. Do let me know how they works out for you and if you got some of your ways make sure to comment them. I would love to hear them.

Thanks and keep supporting Bodyfuel. Stay fit Stay Hungry !

Abhishek Dhiman



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