Calisthenics vs Bodybuilding

Happy New Year guys!! 2016 have been great but let’s make a great start of 2017. So I have been doing a lot of thinking about people who are confused between Calisthenics and Bodybuilding, about what to choose and what not? Which is better?  So I’ll help you out with it.

Before we start, you guys need to know thoroughly about each one of them. So empty your mind and sit in meditation pose if you wanna!



Let’s break down the word and see what it means. In Greek kalos means “beauty” and sthenos means “strength”. Developing your physique using your body weight is what it means in normal language. Nowadays it also means Bodyweight training and it’s booming a lot more than ever. Calisthenics involves lot of movements that target various muscle groups at a time. Not only this brings strength but also build you the aesthetic body you desire. People who do calisthenics can be identified by strong abs and erect posture with minimum body fat. Better turn down the heat around these people!



Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t think I need to explain this man. The most popular term Bodybuilding; developing physique using resistance training with free weights. Bodybuilding includes Professional bodybuilding, Natural bodybuilding and Female bodybuilding. Basically the idea is to develop your muscles and your body to its full potential. Bodybuilding requires utmost discipline and dedication with the nutrition, training and rest. Not all bodybuilders are bulked up like Hulk, some are more lean, more athletic. Depending on body types as I said in my previous post: Know you body type and build it better !


Typical confusions:

  1. Calisthenics is better than Bodybuilding.
  2. Bodybuilding is better than Calisthenics.
  3. Which one to do?

You shouldn’t compare both of them because both exercise regimen has its own way, technique and benefits. If someone recommends Calisthenics only or Bodybuilding only that’s because he/she doesn’t know the full benefits of the alternative one.



  1. Requires more learning effort as its exercises are more complex.
  2. It does not require dumbbells and can be done in park or anywhere that has calisthenics bars.
  3. Doing any exercise with improper form or doing a movement that the body is not yet capable of can cause injury.



  1. Building up muscle is rather easy as you just need to increase the volume, sets and reps and also it requires less learning effort.
  2. It requires an active gym membership.
  3. Bodybuilding has an edge if you want to build a specific muscle group or make it stronger or if you are just on a recovery phase.
  4. It does have a higher probability of getting an injury if done without a proper program, guidance and posture.


Choosing any one of them would be entirely up to and individual.

If you like moving heavy things and want to and want to build muscle with less learning effort then, free weights is the right choice for you.

If you want to move your body in free space and develop more agility and speed, calisthenics is the way for you.

It’s entirely up to the individual to choose either one or if you feel left out on either one, you can always do both if only you are willing to dedicate some time and work in it. Do both and reap the full benefits.

I hope this post helped you clear some of your confusion. Do let me know your thoughts about it and if you still have some questions. Feel free to ask !

Till then stay fit ,stay safe and a very Happy New Year to all of ya fit freaks !

Abhishek Dhiman



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