Diet, Nutrition and Myths

Oats, Eggs, Broccoli, Brown rice…First things that come in the mind when we hear the word ‘diet and nutrition’. Every teen or amateur bodybuilder’s  worst nightmare. Even once mine ! But that’s okay.

That’s why I spent quite some time to come up with some basic facts and hacks about nutrition and because nutrition is the first pillar of fitness ,let’s get on with it.


What is Nutrition ?

The art of eating right and healthy is what we call nutrition. Too bookish? I know .Nutrition is basically providing nutrient enriched food to the body  for  growth.

But then what is diet?

For me personally, nutrition translates into health, and health is freedom. Being healthy not only makes us feel great
We have been confusing diet and nutrition for far too long now but in the reality it’s the same thing. You heard me ! The word diet was made to be more strict with the nutrition but having proper meals around the clock is what it means.
Now let’s bust some myths about diet.

Myth 1:

Diet is a strict meal plan which give the desired results.


*Buzzer* Neaaah !  Of course not ,practically if we say even if you followed a strict diet for a month or let’s say 3 months. I agree you will get some results but what cost? Sooner you will be back to your old food habits after three months then all those results will be gone too. Short term results alert !!

Where did you go wrong?

You were following a plan because you at the end  will be rewarded but after that ,what next ?

The thing is nutrition is not just one month , three months or six months meal plan . It’s a habit. You have to develop a habit of eating clean and right . I know that’s a bit challenging and hard but not as hard as looking yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see. So instead of following ,start developing the habit for nutrition.

Myth 2:

I should only eat clean food in order to get fit.

So according to this , no fitness model, bodybuilder or athletes ever ate a pizza or a bag of fries or some nachos!
Wrong ! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have 12 pancakes on his cheat day. There is nothing wrong with eating the food you love once in a while, that’s your treat for staying on the right track.

“Clean food is expensive”-said a boy stuffing a Mc Donald burger . Of course it is because it’s healthy for body, it took time to grow and will help you in the longer run. So instead of eating clean food only for results better yet try to enjoy them, that will make you grow better and faster and make a day for your favorite cake and cheese burst pizza and stick to that day only for cheat meals. Consistency is the key here.

Myth 3:

Skipping meals will help me burn fat.


Unless you want to look like homeless guy who haven’t eaten in days ,then this is not the option.

Skipping meals is like lying to your brain that you don’t need that food but guess what , Mind is one crazyass dude.

Every meal you skip , makes you eat even more calories in the next meal as your metabolism has slowed down, hence bringing you to the same place or even back. So never NEVER  skip a meal, especially your breakfast. A balanced meal plan through out the day keep you away from eating any extra calories and of  course then come the workouts. You cannot burn fat if you are not going to make your body sweat. Iron and Treadmill are your friends now.

I guess you have new facts now !
Let’s talk about what to eat … No .. My Bad ! How to eat?


Hack 1: Have a lukewarm glass of water with honey and lemon in the morning to boost the fat burning.

Hack 2:Don’t feel like eating? Blend 2 bananas+1 spoon peanut butter+ Milk and Voila! That should keep you full for some time .

Hack 3:Have some cheese(paneer) during snack time it will help you with cravings of eating again and again.

Hack 4:Always keep an apple with you. It will help check if you are really hungry or just bored. Wanna know how? If you are hungry , you will eat the apple!

Hack 5: Eggs are the natural building block, don’t bore yourself with the basic boiled eggs. Crank it up a notch!

Try half fried, egg whites omelettes, scrambled eggs. This will help you to experiment more recipes with the eggs.

So guys I hope this post helped you and I hope you will make some adjustments with your current meal plan. I ll be back soon with more posts about creating better bodies. Until then stay fit.

See ya

Abhishek Dhiman


36 thoughts on “Diet, Nutrition and Myths

  1. Nutritionally, the definition of “diet” actually pertains to the food you eat on a daily basis. So someone who eats whatever they want has a “diet”, the same way someone who is sticking to a meal plan has a “diet, the same way someone who regularly skips meals has a “diet”.

    Your notes at the end about diet are awesome! The “developing the habit for nutrition”!

    With Myth 2, I wonder whether you have thought about some people developing Binge Eating Tendencies for a whole day allocated to cheat day? Because it is a form of binge eating disorder, particularly if it comes with feelings of guilt; as often “cheat days” do, followed by the feeling of needing to “make up” for the cheat day.

    Further; I’m not sure about Healthy food being expensive? It actually often works out cheaper per meal than fast food.

    I like the note about the apple! But I think if you were bored you would eat the apple – but it would definitely be a better snack than the chocolate sitting in the fridge.


    1. Hey thanks for reading so carefully and I really appreciate your points and sometimes in our country a plate full of broccoli is expensive than a Mc Donald’s meal so in that that context I meant. And about apple .. damn right you are ! Hope you would like my other posts too. 😄 Cheers !

      Liked by 1 person

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